The Four Best Phone Apps for the Healthcare Industry

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These days, there is an app for anything you can dream of (and if it doesn’t exist yet, you’ve probably got the next million dollar app idea.) Apps are created to make life easier, more convenient, and more efficient. If there is one realm that can always benefit from all three of those things, it’s the world of healthcare. After seeing the transformative possibilities of mobile technology within the healthcare industry, I’m always ready to see and experience the next best thing in healthcare apps. These four apps are the best ones that I’ve come across so far (they are not listed in any particular order):


For Patients & Medical Professionals

Epocrates( @epocrates )

This app is helpful for both medical professionals and patients alike; and is essentially the holy grail of medical applications. It’s revolutionary in that it is a medicine directory that allows the user to either search directly by the name of the drug or by the symptoms that are being experiences. But the convenience doesn’t stop there. The Epocrates app also allows you to determine if there will be any negative side effects of the medicine with the medication you are currently taking. The user also has the ability to do a reverse lookup of a pill to see what it is and what it does.

UptoDate ( @UpToDate )

The UpToDate app is another one of those apps that everyone can benefit from. I heard about it from a coworker, and refuse to take it off of my phone. UpToDate is a “clinical decision support resource” that allows the user to keep up with the latest medical news. It has an extensive database, so users can search for very specific topics or browse the newest updates. According to the developers, “UpToDate has been the subject of over 30 research studies confirming that widespread usage of UpToDate is associated with improved patient care and hospital performance.”


For Medical Professionals

Taber’s Medical Dictionary(@unboundmedicine)

Taber’s Medical Dictionary app is associated with and is a dictionary of over sixty-five thousand medical definitions. It’s the perfect app for a medical student trying to learn the ropes, and for medical professionals who just need a quick refresher. The app also provides audio pronunciations, images, and videos. It’s absolutely a go-to in you’re anywhere in the medical field.



MedCalc is any medical professional’s best friend. It allows for professionals to find answers that usually require complicated formulas and classifications. According to the developers, there are 15 years of experience backing this app, and it definitely shows. The user interface is beautiful and it features hundreds of formulas, patient management features, and a multitude of ways to publish and share the results of your calculations.

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